Whilst Weddings are a beautiful moment they can be stressful, so many intricate details all go into the final moments that make your day special. We at the Lord Haldon Hotel have put together some helpful tips to take some of the pressure off your shoulders!

Choosing The Perfect Venue

Before you begin looking for venues, have a discussion with your partner on what theme wedding you would both like the most.  Are you wanting a wedding outdoors? By a beach?  In a Church? Or would you prefer the ceremony and reception all under one roof? All these questions in an open discussion will help you to determine what is best for you both.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether this be from friends or family. Others who have already had weddings themselves can give you some key insights of what to look for when choosing a venue. As they know you well they may help to see the vision of you both at the perfect venue on your big day.

Of course everyone will want to help but if their idea of your perfect day does not line up with what you both had in mind it is often better to get your ideas out in the open at the very beginning. This avoids disappointment. 

Creating A Budget

A great place to start for your budget is to do some research on how much a wedding costs in your area or what the average cost is for the location you want to marry in. If you can afford the amount then that's great, sadly for most they need to budget but this often does not compromise on having a wonderful memorable day.

There are “big ticket” items such as the venue, wedding dress and accommodation if needed but to afford the ones that you want you may need to sacrifice certain other aspects of your day. Compromising things for others can free up space in your budget.

Visualizing your budget can also help with being prepared, an easy way to do this is through creating a budget binder. You can do this by getting a folder and for each category that you need to save for, add a clear sheet into it and label what it is for. Then each month take money out to put into the folder, to add into your savings. You can also opt for using money saving apps to digitally keep track of your budget.

Who is paying/contributing to the wedding? Often families will help out towards the wedding. Are they paying for something outright such as a photographer or are they giving money towards something? Sometimes people who are paying can try to take control of what or who they are paying for and if you do not agree then getting your thoughts out in the open from the start will make the process easier.

Alleviate Stress

Your big day is all about you and your partner whether you are choosing to book everything individually or want to have everything in a wedding package. Finding ways that make the months leading up to the date less stressful are going to make it all the more enjoyable.

It is also important to take time out to do things that are unrelated to your wedding. Getting exercise by going for a walk or bike ride, going out with friends or just watching a movie. It’s a good idea to let your head be filled with things other than the big day.

At the Lord Haldon Hotel we offer tailor made packages to suit all of your needs and dreams. We have access to contacts in photography, hair and makeup, entertainment and much more. 

A package can help take some of the stress away from you and be the helping hand you need. For further details head over to our website: https://www.lordhaldonhotel.co.uk/weddings

If you feel we can help please get in contact with us, we would love to make your visions come to reality.

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