Events that take place in and around Exeter

When visiting the Lord Haldon Hotel it is often a good idea to plan out things to do whilst you stay here so we have created a list of different options for you to choose from, from all across the year. No matter when you choose to stay with us, there is always something to do!

Closest to you is Exeter with a range of independent and high street staples Exeter has so much to choose from. We have a huge John Lewis which boasts over 5 stories of items, from clothing to furniture, it even has electronics. There's also Urban Outfitters, JD, Schuh, Hollister, Next and much more. 

The quay is one of Exeter's most beautiful areas, there are lovely walks you can take that loop back around. There are also many bars and restaurants located around the area.

There's also a free Museum you can visit too which is open between 10am and 5pm. This is located on Queen Street just up from Exeter central train station.

We often have mini festivals going on during the summer too!

This year we saw Exeter Fest during May and it was fantastic! Loads of amazing food, music and stools selling lots of clothing, soaps and much more.

During winter Exeter sees the cathedral green and northern hay gardens turn into a Christmas dream. In the cathedral you will find the Christmas market selling winter warming food, handmade gifts and treats and often a bar area with a fire going. Then walking down to Northern hay gardens you’ll find Exeter's very own winter wonderland. 

Fitted with rides that’ll turn you upside down, Literally! They also have a cosy bar area, food stalls, clothing, soap stands and even ice skating. It truly brings the spirit of Christmas to life, it’s not to be missed!

A short walk or drive up from The Lord Haldon is Haldon forest. Here you can go on many walks or rent bikes and go off roading, many routes are marked out for you and there's even a small café up there too, to have a cake and coffee after a walk or ride.

A small drive away is Exmouth.

This little town may seem quiet to some but during the year it boasts lots to do; especially during summer. Not only does it have a huge beach that stretches for miles, it has beachfront restaurants, an arcade and even a free to attend festival fitted with rides and bands.

We also have a carnival that attends most towns in the east Devon area. This also goes through Exmouth and usually is accompanied by a fun fair.

The free to attend festival dates are 28th- 31st July 2023

A stone's throw away from Exmouth is the quiet town of Sidmouth. Adored for its beautiful surroundings, pretty walks and relaxed feel however during one week in August this all changes. 

Sidmouth Folk Festival has been running every year since 1955, this festival boasts not only history but sees the town completely transform into a fun fast paced environment. There are food stalls located on the ham playing fields, the sea front, Kennaway house and blackmoor gardens. 

You’ll find all sorts for sale and no year is the same but previously we have seen fun coloured clothing, puppets, musical instruments and that's just to name a few. This festival is like no other and is definitely not to be missed if you find yourself staying at The Lord Haldon on these dates. 

Sidmouth Folk Festival is running on 4th-11th August 2023

Sidmouth also boasts many independently owned businesses and award winning cafes such as Taste.

With so much to do in the East Devon Area you’ll be spoilt for choice when visiting The Lord Haldon Hotel.

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