Walking/Jogging Holiday Newsletter and Information.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our Walking and Jogging holidays here at The Lord Haldon Hotel. You may have seen our teaser image over on our Instagram and we wanted to come here to further explain and answer some questions that you may have.

What is the Walking and Jogging Holiday?

Our walking and jogging holidays are aimed at anyone who loves beautiful countryside, walking, jogging or is looking for a new challenge. The weekends are from Friday-Sunday and are nicely planned out for you meaning you can relax and enjoy your time rather than stressing about what to do. 

What is included in the weekend?

A full list of order will be going out shortly with a full lineup of the weekend's plans over on our Facebook and Instagram however,  you can expect a guided walk/jog from our own Hotel Manager who is also a level 3 trained personal trainer, fun quiz nights with prizes and a chance to try the walk/jog independently so you can always push yourself to beat the records and get on our scoreboard! There will also be a complimentary gift basket for each person too filled with treats that will elevate your stay.

There will also be free time where you can choose to relax in our beautiful gardens, visit our nearby city Exeter or whatever else you’d like to do, the choice is yours.

What is the points system?

We are very excited to be offering a stamp for every walk completed (one walk per weekend) If you collect all 3 stamps then you will be able to redeem a free weekend at our Hotel!

What are the dates that these weekends will take place?

The weekends will run in segments. Run 1 for instance will take place across one month and after that the run 2 slots will be available. This is to ensure you can complete all 3 over the course of a few months rather than one weekend after the other!


Run 1 Dates:

Arrival 23rd February 2024 Departure 25th February 2024

Arrival 1st March 2024 Departure 3rd March 2024

Arrival 8th March 2024 Departure 10th March 2024


Run 2 Dates:

Arrival 19th April 2024 Departure 21st April 2024

Arrival 26th April 2024 Departure 28th April 2024

Arrival 3rd May 2024 Departure 5th May 2024


Run 3 Dates:

Coming Soon...



To gain your 3 stamps, simply complete 3 walks/runs across any dates you want, you do not need to come consecutively, make sure to keep hold of your stamp sheet! You can even do one run more than once if you like!

How many people will be on each weekend?

There will be a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12.

2 nights free anytime of the year if all 3 runs are completed with proof of stamp sheet.

Prices and included with your stay.

Each weekend is all inclusive which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The weekends are also guided with our Level 3 personal trainer and Manager. You will also be provided with a gift basket worth £30 filled with curated gifts that we are sure you’ll enjoy and will help to make your weekend special. Please note that even booking a double room, you will both receive an individual gift basket!

£80 PP per night - Double occupancy.

£97.50 PP per night - Single occupancy.

Your gift basket will also include your stamp sheet, menu and itinerary for the weekend.

If you have any further questions please email: paco.bayona-ruiz@lordhaldonhotel.co.uk

To book now please call 01392 832483

What If It Rains?

The walking and running will still go ahead in rain however Haldon forest closes when strong winds are an issue so they won't go ahead. If we have to cancel the weekend you will receive a refund, if you cancel 7 days before then we unfortunately cannot give out a refund.

We cannot wait to see you all!

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