It’s all but guaranteed to prove one of the most magical days (and nights) of your life. But even the hardiest of couples can find the prospect of getting everything right when friends and family come together an overwhelming one.

Don’t let wedding anxiety get in the way of your big day. No matter what stage you’re at in the planning process, follow our expert tips on how to take the stress out of your wedding day.

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1. Get everyone on board from the start

So it turns out, you’re not the only ones heavily invested in your big day. When it comes to weddings – parents, siblings, even some pushier friends are all keen to offer their tuppence-worth. But this is your day. Make sure people’s expectations are managed from the off. If you’re not having a church wedding, for example, get it out there early to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings closer to the time.

2. Do everything as a team

OK, there may be a clear orchestrator among the two of you; the one who’s always more enthusiastic about planning and organisation. But it’s rarely a good idea to go it alone when it comes to your wedding. Get on the same page, work together, have honest discussions and above all, communicate – it’ll lead to fewer rows and disagreements as the big day nears.

3. Focus on two key priorities

There’s a few ‘big ticket’ elements to a wedding – think venue, food, photographer, entertainment. If you’re choosing to put yours together piece-by-piece, rather than buying a wedding package, it pays to focus your budget on the two which are most important to you. You can still find great options for the other elements, but at least you’ve made a distinction in your head.

4. Be realistic about budget

Be honest, have you really set an informed budget – based on what things actually cost? Pie-in-the-sky budgeting will get you nowhere unfortunately, so it’s best to face things head-on from the start. Make some calls and get realistic prices. Round everything up by at least 10% to account for the unforeseens, and don’t forget to include fees and tips.

5. Say thanks, but no thanks

As you may have already discovered, planning a wedding can be an exercise in master diplomacy. Take advice and pointers gratefully and try not to hurt anyone’s feelings – but at the end of the day it’s your wedding, your calls. If people get too pushy with requests, politely tell them who’s boss.

6. Signpost your details

You love your guests – but you can’t be holding their hand every step of the way when you’ve got other things to think about. Arm people with as much clarity and information as possible, and in plenty of time. Think accommodation details, times, directions, dietary instructions, dress codes, travel suggestions… pre-empt their every question.

7. Pretend it's happening a month early

Yes – this sounds mad. But it can actually work. Imagine spending the final weeks before your special day having fun. Relaxing, soaking up the anticipation and spending time with each other before you take the plunge. A great way to stay on top of your planning, it also leaves plenty of time to account for any 11th hour rethinks.

8. Get the best people on the job

If you’re taking a hands-on approach to staging your big day, one of the first things you’ll need to do is assemble a crack team of trusted allies. Everything is so much easier when you can divvy out the jobs to friends and family, and still retain overall ownership of your vision. Plus getting others involved makes your day all the more special when it finally comes around.

9. Do lots of non-wedding things

Let’s be honest, too much wedding can all get a bit much in the big run-up – make sure you set aside plenty of designated non-wedding time to enjoy the other things in life. Whether that’s a weekend away, taking a weekly class, hitting the gym or even just keeping windows open for long baths or drinks with friends, don’t lose sight of the real world.

10. Be completely ruthless

Pull no punches when it comes to taking decisions on the things you like, don’t like, can afford, can’t afford – not to mention tough decisions on who to invite, what ‘level’ of entry they have, or what to serve as a vegetarian option. Sure, a bit of deliberation over the big elements is to be expected, but when it feels right, act on it – when it feels wrong, ditch it.

11. Never compare

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ might sound a dramatic sentiment, but they say it for a reason. Pitting your wedding against your friend’s, your sister’s or that couple on Instagram’s is a fruitless exercise – there’s only one you, and there’s only one wedding like this in the world. What will be will be!

12. Speak to one of our wedding gurus

Like so many of the brilliantly-unique wedding venues available across the Best Western collections, here at Best Western Exeter Lord Haldon Country Hotel we offer to play the perfect supporting role in your wedding day. With a variety of packages tailormade to suit your exact requirements, you can leave a great deal of the work to us.

All you’ll have to do is remember to turn up – and enjoy one of the best days of your life!